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This is just awesome, looking forward to updates!

very good

Recently added Atari Arcade Mode:

There's no Atari Mode without the tune :D

I can't hear any music even though is enabled on the options. Is this normal? Other than that, congratulations for your game, it's really a great achievement considering it's fully written in BASIC.

Thanks for your interest and your comments, I really appreciate. The game is not finished yet, and you in right, music is one of the things not implemented for the moment...

Alright then, I'll wait for the finished version. Some great tunes are make the difference between a good Tetris and a great Tetris and your game has all the other elements to fit in the second category.

You did it again Francesc ! Congrats !!

Two players gameplay:

Tu capacidad para exprimir el BASIC es increíble.


Gracias! Aprecio mucho tu mensaje, siendo como eres otro entusiasta del Basic del Amstrad.

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H Francesc ! When do you released the game my friend ?

Sorry, I'm working on the project in my spare time. Still I can say that I have it quite advanced and I will be able to release a first version very soon!

¡Shows good! Awaiting more news.

Hi, waiting for the first release !